How To Get Over Apple Maps Problem in iOS6

Its seems that Apple only focused adding new features on a map which are not available on Bing or Google Maps, Yes Apple can help you see the 3D images of the buildings but while adding all these feature it forgot the most basic requirement of a Map, which is its basic data of buildings and roads and other important destinations. Few days it was reported by Boomerang that Apple Maps failed to locate their headquarters.


If this is the degree of problem in USA then you can very well imagine about the grade of data available on their maps for other countries. So, we tried to find a solution to this problem and assembled them into this post.

Latest Updates related to Google Maps for iOS6

Hacker, helps to get Google Maps of iOS5 on iOS6

Well it has been reported by one of the tweets of Ryan Petrich, that he was able to post iOS Google Maps on iOS 6 and in the tweet he also posted a video, which is available below the screenshot of the tweet.
But the problem is that it really crashes as of now and users will be able to use it, once a handy jailbreak comes out for iOS6. At present the jailbreak is available for the A4 device users (till iPhone 4), but it is not simple and requires ‘SSH’ with a remote computer, which might make most of the users uncomfortable.
Anyways as soon as Google Maps gets stable over the platform, they will put it on Cydia.


Google is already working on Google Maps (new version for iOS6)

Another important news regarding Google News has been reported that they have already submitted the application for Google Maps on their App Store and they believe that they might get the verification done by November.

Solution and Alternative to problems of Apple Maps

Solution: Google Maps Web App

Well as soon as the users upgraded their iPhones to iOS6, this was the first remedy which came up on internet for the resolution of this issue and it is the most common solution opted by the users. For this you will go the Safari Browser and then visit You will see the screenshot mentioned below.


Now Just tap the highlighted area and you will see the options mentioned below, click the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option and then you will be able to launch Google Maps from your home-screen, but it will not work as it used to on your Google Maps app on iOS 5.1.1.


Its UI will be pretty clumsy and you might not find all the feature of the in-built app on this web-app widget. Well as per the latest news, Google Maps have already submitted their new version of Google Maps on Apple Store and now it is waiting for the approval which will be done by November, this year.

Alternative: Other Maps Application on App Store

Use other alternative application for Apple iOS. Some of the best applications are mentioned below:-

Free App:

Bing, after Google Maps this is the second best map service which is available for free and provides relevant data for all the countries around the globe. Other free application mainly focus on all the routes and traffic related information for US cities and states, but it will not be useful for the rest.
They are as follows:-

Paid Applications:

Sygic will be the best application for all, one of the reasons that it has different version of application specified for a specific country and thus it actually provides more detailed information as compared to Google Maps but it take huge amount of space on your mobile and it is little slow as compared to Google Maps.


You can see the screenshot above, showing the distribution of the versions of this application. Well this is the best paid application which can help you out, else all other free app have sufficient features to take you out of the Apple Maps trouble.

Well I hope these measures are enough to make sure that you get rid of the highly objected ‘Apple Maps’. Please let us know if you have more questions about it.

By Abhinav Singh

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