How-To get rid of iMessage Bug [iOS7]

There have been certain complaints from the users that while sending and receiving the messages through iMessage service sometimes the messages are not sent and sometimes they are not delivered to the recipient. This is happening for no reason because they network to which their iOS device is connect is working just fine.

Apparently Apple has recognized this issue and has promised to get this resolved in their next update. We suspect that Apple will be taking sometime to collect all the issues like lock screen problem, this iMessage problem and battery drainage issue and they will try to fix them in a single update. For the users who are facing this problem we have a solution for you.

Just follow these steps, Turn off the iMessage feature by going to Settings and then under Messages options you will see a toggle option named ‘iMessage’. Turn that off.


Now go the General section and then scroll down to the last option to tap the reset option. You will have to tap again on the reset network option to reset the settings for the iMessage also.


Now go back to the same screen as mentioned above in the first step and then turn on the feature of iMessage. The initial amount which was added onto your phone bill as the activation charges of iMessages will be charged again and now this time iMessage will work just fine.

If still the problem persists then another solution can be to restore the device or create a new Apple ID and then use that ID on your iOS device. Again if these tips also don’t work then wait for the next update of iOS. Please let us know the exact problem where you are stuck.

[Credit: MacRumors]

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