How To Get unlimited Cloud Space to store data

I am going to tell you a smart tip which will help you to get this done very easily. Cloud storage is one of the most expensive storage media where you can store your data. There is no cloud service which offers free data storage. It started getting popular with Dropbox and now we have large number of options which includes Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive and others. When a user creates an account over Google then he already gets a cloud storage space of 10GB for all the activities and files which are associated by using the Google services.


10GB is a good amount of free space if you simply want to save only the important stuff over your account and if your account is old then you will have this free space as 15GB which is again really good. This 15GB will have all the mails available on the Gmail account and also the files uploaded on Google Docs. Now the Google Drive application for Android and iPhone has been recently updated which can help you to monitor multiple Google Accounts on Google Drive pretty easily.

How To Do It?

Whenever you getting out of space then you can create another Google Account for a new 10GB free of Google Drive space and then start uploading your files there. But make sure you share all those files with the primary account which you usually access all the time. So, through you are uploading from different ends, but you will be able to read and edit all the files from a single frame (this is from your primary account).


The screenshot shows that I am sharing a file with my primary account and then using my phone to manage both the accounts at the same time. If you have the application installed on your tablet or smartphone, you will not even have to enter the passwords again and again but if you are using the desktops then you can open another account by using the incognito mode of your Google Chrome browser.

Problems You May Face.

You may face the problems like he handling of all those Google Accounts can be bit of a problem. So, try to set the same passwords for all those accounts.

Every time you upload any damn file!! There number can be huge but you cannot help it you will have to share every one of them with the primary account in order to take the advantage of the tip. So, upload all the files at once and then click the select all option to select all the files. Now click share and then share all those files atone. I think this solves your problem.


This will help you to get a good amount of cloud space for you. You can use the same method for Skydrive accounts also but I am not sure whether you can manage multiple account in their applications for android or iPhone. I hope this solves your problem to a certain extent. Please let us know if you face any other problem while using this tip.

Download Google Drive – iOS | Android

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