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How to Hide Text Messages On Your Android Phone

When you carry your smartphone with you, you carry many other confidential things too with it. Those confidential assets are your pictures, your videos and sometimes your messages. Some things are so personal that you don’t want others to view it or read it even accidentally. You should already be using KeepSafe for hiding your pictures and now you should know about an app which safely hides your messages in your android phone.

From the plethora of apps available for this task in Android, we have chosen GO SMS Pro for the tutorial. The app is completely free on the Play Store and you can start off by grabbing a copy of it.

Step 1: Once you have installed it, open the app and you will see your existing message thread in the app itself.


Step 2: Now open the Menu residing in the top left corner. And then select Private Box.


Step 3: To use it for the first time you will have to set up a password for it. Go ahead by tapping the set password.


Step 4: Once you confirm the password and entered your email (that is because in case you miss your password, GO SMS Pro will send it to your email.) tap on the add private contact. You can add either by contact list or even a new contact which you have not saved in your contact list yet. Go ahead by choosing the one from your contact list.


Step 5: There is nothing more in this step, now when you receive a message from that contact, a notification will appear. When trying to open the message, it will ask the same password. Once entered correctly (of course) it will open it privately.


You can also move a message thread to out of the private box if you think its okay for the outside world.



The GO SMS Pro turned out to be the easiest and most efficient way to hide your private messages from the prying eyes of absolutely anyone. Though the features of the app are not limited to just hiding messages but other domains like SMS Blocker, Scheduled SMS, Anti Theft, Free Message and others.

Let us know how you are using GO SMS Pro.

Download Go SMS Pro (free) | Google Play Store

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