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How To Import And Export Words From Android Dictionary

User Dictionary Manager (UDM) allows users to import, export, edit or clean up Android’s dictionary.

I am addicted to flashing custom ROMs on my Android devices. Over the last three years, I have rooted and flashed a custom ROM on all the various Android devices I have owned. While I can use an application like Titanium Backup to backup all my apps along with their app data, there is no way I can backup all the ‘hinglish’ words I have added to Android’s dictionary.

Even if you don’t flash custom ROMs on your Android device, you can lose all the custom words that you have added to Android’s dictionary if you ever factory reset your phone. While Android may support a vast number of languages, it does not support ‘Hinglish’ and other languages, which leads to us users adding custom words to Android’s dictionary all the time.

Adding words to Android’s dictionary might not be an issue if you are using a third party keyboard like SwiftKey since they automatically learn new words. However, stock Android lacks this feature and require users to explicitly add words to its dictionary, which can be quite cumbersome.

Thanks to Android’s open nature though, an app in the Play Store – User Dictionary Manager – allows users to not only backup all the words they have added to the Android dictionary but also import them from a text file.

How To Backup Words That You Have Added To Android’s Dictionary/Backup Words Manually Added To Android’s Dictionary

Step 1: Download User Dictionary Manger (UDM) on your Android device. The app works on all Android devices including tablets and even on devices running Android 2.2 (FroYo) or higher.


Step 2: Start the app, and simply press the Export option. The app will then show you the location along with the filename of the text file where the words will be exported. By default, the app exports all the manually added words in Android’s dictionary to a text file named ‘wordlist.txt’ in the root of your Android’s storage card.


How To Import Words To The Android Dictionary

Step 1: UDM comes with its own internal wordlist that contains a list of all the commonly used words for 10 different languages. If UDM does not have a wordlist for your own language, you can make one on your own and import it to Android’s dictionary.


Step 2: Simply create a new text file using Notepad on your Windows PC and add all the words that you want to add to Android’s dictionary. Keep in mind that every new word must be in a new line. When you are done, save the text file as “wordlist.txt” and transfer it to the root of your Android’s device storage card.


UDM also allows users to edit words that they have already added to Android’s dictionary. Apart from this, it also allows users to delete existing words from Android’s dictionary, and even merge similar words. If you frequently switch Android devices or need to flash or format your Android device often, User Dictionary Manager is a must-have app for you.

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