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How To Install Paid Android Apps For Free Using Getjar Gold

Before the iOS AppStore and the Google Play Store took over the world, Getjar was a very popular third party unofficial “app store” for Java and Symbian devices. While Getjar is not as popular as before now, the company does come up with incredible deals from time to time. Last year, the company gave away some of the paid Android apps for free on its Getjar Store.

This year, the company has launched a new Getjar Rewards system, that give you access to exclusive deals, in-app purchases and paid apps for free. To download paid apps for free from Getjar Rewards, you will need to install some free apps from the Getjar Store to earn free Getjar Gold. Using the gold that you have earned, you can purchase any app that supports Getjar Gold, or get some amount of discount.

How To Use Getjar Rewards To Get Android Apps For Free Or At Discounted Rates

Step 1: Download the Getjar Rewards app from the Play Store. When you first start the app, you will be prompted to sign in with the Google account that you have synced with your Android device.



Step 2: After you have signed in, the Getjar Rewards app will show you a list of apps that you can download and earn gold. Pressing the Download button will take you directly to the Play Store from where you will install the app. Keep in mind that only installing the app will not get you Getjar Gold. You will need to use the downloaded app as well to get free Getjar gold.


Step 3:¬†Once you have collected enough gold, you can purchase any of the games or apps from the “Paid App Deals” or themes from the “Paid Themes Deals” section in Getjar Rewards. The paid app is first downloaded on your device, after which you can unlock it using Getjar gold.


The whole method of earning Getjar Gold is pretty easy, and since the application is ultimately downloaded from the Play Store, the user does not need to worry about privacy breach and his or her data. Getjar Gold is also supported by quite a few popular applications including Cut The Rope, Go Launcher and others.

The only problem is that the Getjar app will spam your notification bar from time to time suggesting you apps to download so that you can earn free gold or about a paid app that you can purchase using Getjar Gold.

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