[How-To] Mute Notifications Sounds From Whatsapp Group Chat For Some Hours or Days

I have many groups of friends on Whatsapp, and sometimes it really becomes annoying when you are not interested in chatting in that group but all the other members keep on texting among themselves. You wish you could be able to mute the notifications from that group for few hours, days or a week because all the messages which you do not read keep on getting accumulated as the notifications and moreover your phone will also keep on vibrating.

In this post we will mention, that how you can mute a particular group for a fixed period of time. For that go that group and open its chat.

On right hand side top corner, tap on the info section, you can use the Notification option to customize the tone of the notification.

But to stop the notification, check for the Mute option and then tap it. You will get 3 options to mute the interval, select any one of them appropriately but remember that you can unmute that group at any point of time by following the same process of muting it.

Once the group is muted, you will not receive any sound or visual notification on the screen, i.e. the red colored notification on the application icon will not change due to that group but once you open Whatsapp, you will see the number of unread messages in front of the title of that group.


Through Mute option is available, but it should have been more comprehensive by repeating that schedule again and again over the days. As of now you will have to mute it every day if your group keeps on troubling you at night.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

3 replies on “[How-To] Mute Notifications Sounds From Whatsapp Group Chat For Some Hours or Days”

But i want to know that i have muted my kitty chat group. The average msgs dey chat arw around 200 everyday. But the problem is that i can read the last few messages but not able to open the unread messages. Please help.

When you scroll up the screen to see the previous message then an option is displayed named as ‘Load Previously’. Once you tap that option you will see the previous chats.
What is happening exactly in your case? Are you able to tap that option? If you are, then what response do you get in return?

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