How To Record Audio Messages And Send Them Via Email On iPhone

Earlier we made a post on how to record and email videos on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which I am sure will definitely help all you iPhone lovers. Today we will talking on how to record audio and to send the same clips via email from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Voice Memos is an interesting feature of iOS which lets you record audio clips and then use them as reminders. But another feature of the same is where you can email and MMS the same audio clip. With this post I will explain how to do this.

Open the stock Voice memos app which you can find on your iPhone home screen or probably in a folder named utilities.


The left red button is to record the video and the right one with three parallel lines is for the options menu. Press the red button so that the recording is initiated and further you can pause or end the recording by pressing the corresponding red button on the left hand side or the button with a black square on the right respectively. So record the clip and end it so that it is saved.


Now press the options button on the right hand side which opens up another page where all the recorded clips are displayed along with a few options.


Whichever audio clip you wish to email or mms, tap on it so that it gets selected and then press the share button at the bottom.


After pressing Share, you will get the two options Email and MMS. Select Email so that you directed to the mail app. In the mail app fill up the To, CC and Subject sections and hit send and your audio clip will be mailed to the desired mail id.


Another way of doing the same is that from the list of the clips, tap on the arrow present at the right hand side of each of the clip. You will be brought to another screen where you can set the memo as a reminder and just below you will see the share option which again is similar to what was on the main screen.


I do hope you will love this small feature that apple provides and will send audio clips to your closed ones.

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