How To Send Recorded Audio From Using Facebook App

You can use Whatsapp to send the voice recording, but we all know that Whatsapp is confined to mobile usage that too when registered with a phone number (so you cannot use that on tablets which does not have any SIM support), whereas Facebook is available on all the possible gadgets available using iOS or android or Blackberry or Windows Phone OS. So, it is quite obvious that exchanging files are always better than doing the same through some other application due to the reason that it will always be there stored under your reach even if that mobile application gets deleted accidentally from your phone.

Recently Facebook has provided the feature of free voice calling to their users in US and we hope that it will be available to rest of users in a while. Meanwhile, they have provided the feature of sending the voice recordings from their phone. Obviously, you can share any type of file with Facebook users when you are using it on desktop but while using the mobile application, you can specifically send the voice message by a new feature recently introduced.

Open the message section and select the user to which you need to send that voice message, you can select the group of members to do the same. Click the ‘+’ sign to send any multimedia file and then select the appropriate option of Record Voice.


Now on the next screen, record the voice message by tapping and then holding the recording button. The moment you lift your finger it will stop the recording send that file to the user.


After touching that recording button if you want to cancel the recording then instead of lifting your finger slide that button and it will be cancelled.


Else it will be sent as mentioned below.


Countries where voicemails are not available this feature can play a great role, as now you can leave short messages anytime you want to without going through the pain of recording them separately through any other application and then attaching them in the mail to send it. The only flaw which I feel is that the voice recording is of low quality and has huge amount of noise behind the mail recording.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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