[How-To] Set the Status in Google Hangout Application

One of the worst part of hangout application was not being able to set the status, which is really useful to convey a message that why you might not be able to reply to their messages promptly. And now luckily that feature is back in this application for both the platforms. When it comes to Android then this application has been updated with the SMS integration which was already implemented in Facebook Messenger (and I really hated this feature).


What Type Of Status Can You Set

On iPhone you don’t have this integration but you can set the status of your hangout but with certain constraint. First of all the users in the Google Talk list will not be able to see that status, secondly you will not be able to set the status in form of any desired text rather you will have large number of icon displaying different kind of moods, which will be used to set the status.


Thirdly you will also have the option to show that on which device are you using the hangout, whether it your phone, your laptop or your tablet. Another great point about this new update on this application is that if you are on a call and you are logged on hangout through the smartphone applications then you status will automatically reflect that.


These status can be altered in the Settings section wherein you will see a separate option for this ne feature. So these are some good features in the new hangout update, but I also wanted them to be reflected in the Google Chat section. Please let us know if you face any problem while following up with this tip.

By Abhinav Singh

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