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How To Setup Multiple Wallpapers For Each Homescreen on Android Devices

One of the advantages of Android over its competition is the ability to have multiple home screens. This allows users to setup each of their home screen with a specific theme like Social or Games, for quick access to all the frequently used apps, information via widgets and contacts.

One of the common question that nearly every Android user asks me is how to setup a different wallpaper for each home screen. While I never particularly found the need to setup a different wallpaper for each home screen, the option may come in handy for some people . If not, it is still a good ‘show-off’ feature and make people go ‘wow’ by  showing them the power of Android’s openness and customizability .

How To Setup Different Wallpapers For Each Homescreen

Step 1: There is no native way in Android to setup different wallpapers for individual home screens in Android. Instead, users need to use a live wallpaper called ‘MultiPicture Live Wallpaper‘, which is more of an app in disguise.

Step 2: After installing MultiPicture Live Wallpaper, long press on your home screen and select the ‘Wallpapers’ option. Then select ‘Live Wallpapers’ and finally, select the ‘MultiPicture Live Wallpaper’ from the list of Live Wallpapers.



Step 3: Press the ‘Settings’ button at the bottom of the Live Wallpaper and then tap the ‘Common Settings’ option. Select the ‘Picture Source’ option to specify your source of pictures for the live wallpaper – ‘Single Picture’, ‘Album’ or a ‘Picture Folder’.



If you select a ‘Picture Folder’, make sure you then select the folder in which you have stored all your wallpapers or pictures that you want to use as wallpapers.

Additionally, users can also specify a different source of wallpapers for each individual homescreen by selecting the ‘Add individual settings’ option from the main sub-menu. If, by default, your launcher does not come with any transition animations, users can select an animation from the ‘Transition Type’ option located under ‘Drawing Settings’.


If interested, users can also set different wallpaper for the lock screen, along with an altogether different source for the wallpaper. Once you have setup everything as you like, simply press the back button and select the ‘Set Wallpaper’ option.


For a ‘Live Wallpaper’, MultiPicture Live Wallpaper is absolutely loaded with features and settings. Apart from setting different wallpapers for different homescreen and transition effects, the wallpaper also has other nifty features like the ability to change wallpapers on regular intervals, change the saturation or opacity of wallpapers before applying them, wallpaper reflection or the ability to change wallpapers with a double tap on the screen.

If using MultiPicture Live wallpaper leads to a significant performance reduction or increase in RAM consumption on your device, users can specify the maximum amount of RAM the wallpaper can consume from under the ‘Maximum memory Usage’ option, which might help in improving the overall performance.

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