How to Sync iPhone through Wi-fi using iTunes

In earlier days of smartphones, syncing used to be a great deal. Since we keep switching between our devices, an updated copy of notes, contacts, documents and many other things is the primary thing to achieve for a seamless work flow.

This article describes how you can sync your iPhone through Wi-fi using iTunes.


In order to set up your iPhone for syncing through Wi-fi you need at least iOS 5 or later and the iTunes version too must be 10.5 or later. Right now i believe the latest iTunes version is 11.0.4(4). However the iTunes is a freeware offered by Apple for Windows as well as Mac which you can download fromĀ here.

Getting Started

Once you have the latest version of iTunes installed in your system, connect your iPhone using the USB cable and open iTunes. Click on your device. It should be either named as “iPhone” or the name which you have set up. i.e “XYX iPhone”.


You should be seeing the tabs like Summary, Info, Apps etc. Click on summary (if not already active). Scroll down for Options. Check the option “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi.” You just set up your iPhone for Wi-Fi syncing.

You must be wondering when the syncing will take place. Whenever the phone and computer are in the same network, the iOS device will appear in the device list from where you can sync.

Automatic syncing will take place if your Phone is plugged in the power source AND iTunes is open on the computer AND the iOS device and Computer are in the same network. You can also choose to manually sync wirelessly from your iPhone by going to settings, general and choosing iTunes Wi-Fi sync.


You should not be surprised by knowing that iPhone allows you to synch almost everything on your phone with your computer. These include Applications, Photos, Notes, Documents, Movies, Calendars, Books, Book marks, Audio Files etc.

We all love wireless freedom, but if the content to be synced is too bulky prefer USB method instead. Try to sync your iPhone wire-free this time and let us know if you face any issues.

By Kamal Nayan

Kamal Nayan is a blogger at where he has been writing about personal technology, productivity hacks and often produces how to videos. He takes some time off from his engineering to write about tips and tweaks related to Android and other phones on this blog.

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