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How To Use Google Maps In Offline Mode On Android

As we all know Google has recently updated most of its services along with the new Google Maps and while we are liking the minimalist look, users are also complaining that Google has removed one of the most important features: Offline map mode.

In the earlier versions of Google Maps users were able to save specific regions so that they could be used used later and thus save data on roaming mode. This was beneficial for users travelling abroad as they were able to save a few pounds because of this very feature. And this feature has disappeared in the latest update.

How To Use Google Maps In Offline Mode

Well as per Google the offline map mode feature was not ready for the latest Maps and this is the reason why it is not present there. However, there is a small workaround that could help you save specific regions on Maps so that they could be accessed later when the internet is not present. This is a cache based workaround so we will use the Maps app to cache a region for later perusal.

Step 1: First of all make sure you are connected to the internet and the location services are enabled on your Android device. Now go to the app drawer and launch Google Maps app.


Step 2: In the next step you will need to zoom in to the region you wish to cache. So just locate that area or region on the Map and zoom in to the desired level. Now tap on the Search bar (present at the top) and type in OK Maps or Okay Maps, and tap on the Search button present at the bottom right corner (refer to the image below).


Once you enter the keywords Ok Maps or Okay Maps, this will command Google Maps to cache the zoomed region and save it for later use. Once the region has been cached, you will see a notification at the bottom saying “the on screen map area has been cached”. This will save the desired area for later use.



This is not better than the Offline Map Mode that was available earlier but it somehow gets the job done. Also please note navigation and directions won’t work offline..

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