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[Solved] Add, Import Multiple VCF Contacts Files Into iPhone, iPad

Recently, one of my friend bought a new iphone 3GS previously he was using a nokia 5300 from which he imported all his contacts phone numbers as .VCF files which were lying in a folder, now the task was to import all these VCF files a different contacts into his new iphone 3gs anyway possible.

After doing some search on the same we found out many solutions, some of these solutions involved iTunes and some of them tells us about some which was first required to be downloaded and then we can import all these contacts files on iphone with the help of app. We tell you about all these methods one by one below, so you can decide which one you want to go for.

iTunes Contact Sync With Outlook or Google Or Yahoo Account

The most easy way to import all these vcf contact file into your new iphone, can be done through iTunes which allows you to either sync the contacts with Outlook on your computer, so if you have a Microsoft outlook installed and configured on your computer, you can easily import all these vcf contacts files and then sync contacts in iTunes with Outlook.

iTunes Contacts Sync

In case if you don’t have Microsoft Outlook configured or installed on your computer, you can choose to sync contacts from google or yahoo account on iphone, for this you will need to enter the username and password and before you do this make sure you import all these VCF files in your google or yahoo contacts using the web browser mail interface for the respective email services.

Please Note: We don’t recommend windows contacts as the field in windows contacts might make a mess with the first name, last name and other fields when you import your VCF contact files and then sync then later on with iTunes.

Import VCF Contacts File On iPhone Using VCard Backup 

If the above method seems difficult to you, you can install VCard Backup[$1.99] on your iphone and then import all the contacts through iTunes to your iphone again by just selecting the folder which contains all the VCF Files and then run the application on phone to import all of these VCF contacts on iphone. Another similar app for iphone which does the same is called Read VCard it comes at the same cost and does the same.

import vcf contacts into iphone

Note: If you want to know how to do the reverse that means, when you want to export all the contacts on iphone into multiple VCF files which you can import on some other phone then you should install the app called Contacts to vCard [ $0.99 ]

Mail All These VCF Contacts As Single File and Import Them All Via iPhone Mail App

The most simplest way to import all VCF files into iphone as contacts is by merging all these multiple VCF contacts files into one and then send this file via email and then open the mail attachment using the default mail app on iphone.

For this you will need windows, issue the following commands once you are navigated to folder which have VCF Files, we recommend to create a folder in C: Drive. You will need to type the following command as shown in the image below.

Copy *.vcf all.vcf  

merge multiple vcf files into one

This command shown in the image above will combine all the files into one single VCF which you now email it to your own email id and then configure the email id on your iphone or ipad in the email app or open email id from safari browser interface.

Open the email attachment of the single VCF file you mailed as shown in the image below.

photo (2) 

Now you will get the option to import all the contacts by adding them to your iphone contacts library as shown in the image below.

photo (3)

You should select to create new contacts as shown in the image above.

By abhishek

Abhishek Bhatnagar is an apple engineer at heart and an apple products user since the first iPhone, he posses a Engineer degree and loves to review Apple products ans iOS apps.

3 replies on “[Solved] Add, Import Multiple VCF Contacts Files Into iPhone, iPad”

Excellent Mr. Abhishek.

I was wasting my entire day to just trying how to transfer my Nokia Contacts to iPhone-4. Your guidance has helped me a lot and could complete less than five minutes.

A great job by you.

Keep it up.

Hi Abhishek Bhatnagar, Thank you very much for using ‘VCard Backup’.
A few things to update:
1. The new version 3.0 ‘VCard Backup’ is on App Store, with more elegant UI and more accurate VCards processing.
2. Price is dropped to 0.99 USD forever.
3. The App also can do the reverse, so-call ‘Export iPhone’s address to separate VCards, or backup as a single VCard.’

Add this line “Open up the run from windows start menu, and type CMD to open the command prompt.”
Thanks a lot

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