Find Which Apps, Process On Android Phone Using Most Battery Power

Android OS is catching up and spreading into the Smartphones market at a rapid face, almost unstoppable. But it’s battery consumption, the phone’s running time before the battery gets completely exhausted has been a major issue. Now there is always some inbuilt adjustments and info on the usage of battery that you can use to save or increase your battery life. You can go to Settings>applications>battery use on your android device and you’ll get the basic info as to what is eating up your battery and in what proportions. You can make some minor changes and enhance your battery life. Foe example, you can reduce the screen brightness and/or screen timeout. See the image below.

battery use

But, these few adjustments might not go a long way in improving, increasing your battery consumptions to a great extent. And hence, we are mentioning here some of the best apps that can increase and improve the battery life on your Android phones. One such app is Longevity(beta) released by Trend Micro. Once you run the app, you need to provide your email address and location. Once you get through that stage, you get to use the app. You’ll see the app manual or the tutorial straight away which is one great feature. Just follow it and you’ll be okay with this app. Have a look at it –


The app offers you multiple ways(can also be called app’s features) to improve your battery life.

1. turning on “just-a-phone” mode  will turn off all other network connections like internet and sync, just keeping your phone running for making/receiving calls and text messaging. This can save a great amount of battery when you are running really low on it.


2. The Power Hog App Alert, utilizing one-of-a-kind cloud intelligence, notifies you when a newly downloaded app will take a juice out of your battery in greater amount. This way you’ll be aware of the battery consumed by the use of apps on your device and you can have them and use them accordingly. Gives you stats for distribution of your battery life amongst different segments.


3. Tapping on the “alerts” tile on top right, you can set for the alerts based on battery charging and discharging. Be alerted when the battery level drops suddenly. You can set the percentage of the remaining battery life when you want an alert.

longevity.8 longevity.9

4. there is also a straight-forward One click option to optimize your phone and extend battery life. Tapping on the ‘Optimize’ tile at the bottom, you can make your settings that will help your battery last longer as shown in the images below.


Note : This app may be incompatible with other battery saving apps you might be using prior to installing this one on your device.

You’ll also find may other apps in the market doing the same for you with some differences though. There is this  BitDefender Power Tune-up(BETA) app that has good set of options to improve the performance of your Android phone.  The options available for tweaking battery usage is pretty good. The 3 main functions are – battery saver, clean up system and set data meter for data usage. The battery saver is one important feature of this app. You can customize the phone settings to achieve the best results.


Another similar app is the Easy Battery Saver that offers 4 different power saving modes –Normal Mode,  General Saving Mode, Intelligent Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode and 1 Advanced Customized Mode. Just choose one other than the Normal mode that will do nothing for your battery, make the required settings and the battery problems will go away.


Some of the main battery draining components in your smartphones are 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi. These can be managed automatically and transparently with the Juice Defender app. The app has a easy and intuitive user interface and once configured it runs by itself, improving battery life in a fully automated manner. Also has 2 other upgrades/variants that needs to be bought – JuiceDefender Plus & JuiceDefender Ultimate.


And for my lazy friends out there, who don’t even want to make the minimal efforts to make the required settings to get any app work efficiently for their device, and want it all very easy, they can install the One Touch Battery Saver app. Yes, just one touch to save the battery – Click on the ‘power saving’ mode that saves your battery life to a great extent. Else, use a Self-Customized Saving Mode and make your personal settings.


We have tried to compile these few battery saving apps that we guess would be best for your android smartphones and would really help you when the power is insufficient in your device and keep you alert all the time for the same.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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