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Improve Kinetic Scrolling and Make Finger Swipe Smooth on Android Phone, Tablet

I have been using nexus 7 for more than 2 weeks, but one thing which I noticed during my usage is that when ever I need to navigate in between different home screes I noticed that it was actually not smooth transition and moving between homescreens on nexus 7 was not much finger friendly as it was not a quick swipe but a full swipe to move the homescreen towards the left or right to reveal the next homescreen.

Another thing which I noticed while browsing a web page in google chrome browser was not much smoother, it required multiple swipe gestures to scroll down to the bottom of a page, initially I thought it is because of the faulty touch screen sensor. After some search I found out there it was not because of the hardware fault in Nexus 7, but it was due to configuration settings which one can easily configure and change in android.

Increase Mouse Pointer Speed On Nexus 7 and Other Android Tablet, Phones

The best way to make finger touch smoother and nicer on android phones and tablets or to make the kinetic scrolling smooth while browsing web pages.

First you need to go to settings on your android phone or tablet and then select “Language and Input”


Under Language and Input, at the the bottom you will see the option which says Pointer Speed under Mouse Pointer or Trackpad.


Once you tap on this option, you need to increase the pointer typing speed to extreme level which will make touch more smoother and kinetic scrolling better.



This is how you can improve the finger touch and kinetic scrolling better on android phone or tablet, If you have a related problem or  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

Update: As per the actual settings, this setting is related to mouse pointer speed when you use it on your android phone or tablet but it some how worked quite good to make the touch more smoother and faster on my Nexus 7 


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