Improve Reading Skills, Speed On iPhone With PowerReader

How much time do you take to read a normal 300 word article on our website? Obviously you never use any stopwatch to record the time and analyze your reading speed and skills. But it is a good thing to develop your reading skills as it does help in the long run. This is quite interesting to note that there are plenty of guides available in the market to enhance your reading skills and people do buy such books even if they are priced high. Also it is less convenient to carry the book around with you and start practicing, right?

Now if you own an apple device and are ready to pay $3 you can download a very interesting application called as Reading Trainer from the app store and let me tell you it will not disappoint you under any circumstances. It is a full fledged reading power builder that not only focuses on improving your speed but also other related skills.

The main interface of the app has four sections: Training, Power reader, Settings and Info.


The training section has a number of exercises designed to develop better skills and initially the app will test your reading speed and skills by conducting these exercises. The exercise list includes Word Search, Word Pairs, Numbers etc. Once you become better, start reading faster and start recognizing words quicker, the app will increase the level of difficulty and will help you become even better.


Here as you see many of the exercises have been unlocked and to know your statistics you can always press the Statistics button present at the top right corner.

iPhone Screenshot 2

After finishing each exercise the app will rate you and will deliver plenty of details to tell you where you stand. One can also share his or her score on facebook and twitter.

iPhone Screenshot 5

Once you have developed your skills enough, you can try the Power Reading feature from the main screen(See the first screenshot). Enter the section and you come across three different sections WpM(Words per minute), Display Mode and Text. Under this section you have the freedom to select a WpM speed for yourself, select the display mode as well as the content which you are going to read.


By default the reading speed will be set to 300 WpM but you can surely increase or decrease it according to your need.


The default display mode is set to Highlighted Line which I think is the best as it highlights the lines in accordance with the set reading speed.


Under Text you have 6 different levels with different topics in each. You can select any level and the content you want. One can also use the clipboard and paste whatever text he or she wants to read.


Once you are done with configuring Power reader, press START and the test will start immediately. While in the test you can keep an eye on the progress bar to know how longer the test will run and can alter the reading speed in the test itself by using the – and + buttons. You also get the feature of pausing the test.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2or later.

Conclusion: Very helpful and very interactive. Worth a buy

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: $2.99 for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

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