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Improve The Performance Of Wireless Router Using Android

Recently I bought a new Netgear wireless router for my home and since I have been using Netgear products for a while now, I was able to get it up and running within minutes. It was fairly easy to go ahead with the default settings while setting up and router but the question arises how performance efficient the default settings are?

To be honest the default settings could work wonders for some while prove to dissatisfactory for others. So what is the best possible way to configure your wireless router without getting into the technicalities? Well if you have an android device we have a brilliant solution that would let you enhance the performance of your wireless router within minutes. Wifi Analyzer is an application that scans the nearby wireless networks and the channels they are using. Once spotted, it will display a list of channels that are less crowded to which you can configure your wireless router to. Basically the less crowded a channel is or the less shared it is, the better the reception of your wireless network would be.

How To Use WiFi Analyzer

Step 1: Go to Google Play store and install Wifi Analyzer. Enable wifi and launch the application and immediately it will display your current channel graph which is useful for two purposes:

  • It highlights the channels used by the networks your device has picked up, and
  • It also shows the signal strength of all the nearby networks


If you swipe across the screen to the left a number of graphs are available for in-depth study. Or you can also tap on the Eye button present on the top and switch to the respective graph. In my case my home router is Netgear which has the highest signal strength as is evident by the height of the curve shown in the graph.


The time graph, the first one in the images above, tells the signal strength with respect to time. So you will have to keep it running for a couple of seconds before you are able to get the results. Also there is a Channel Rating page wherein you can select your wireless router and get to know which channel has the most stars (most efficient) for your home network.

Moving on you have there is an AP List page that displays all access points, the channels they use, their signal strength and names. The last page is the Signal Meter where you actually test the strength of a wireless network.


There is also a Settings page where you can enable or disable auto scan and also select the scan interval. You can also change the channel available in your region, set it to auto enable or disable Wifi and even select the color for your wireless network, the color to be used on the graphs.


Step 2: Once you get familiar with the application and understand what it suggests, you can open your home router’s settings page using a browser on your android device or pc and select the best channel for optimum performance.


I have used this for a couple of days and it really does help in increasing the performance of your home wireless network. Furthermore it is quite easy to understand and does not involve any technicalities. So I would suggest that you go ahead and get this free app right away.

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