[Solved] Tips To Fix Low Storage Problem On iPhone

Most of the long-time iPhone users face a general problem which is related to their storage. Believe me when you have an iPhone then any amount of memory is in sufficient. App Store is full of marvelous application and then every click from an iPhone camera eats your storage space up-to 3 to 4 MBs, when it comes to HD videos or the latest video podcasts from iTunes for your retina display eat-up good amount of space and there are many more factors which can easily eat-up your space, but then you only need to manage everything on your iPhone and then believe me you will not face this problem again.


Before we start telling you about the tips you must know the basic way to find out that where the maximum part of your storage memory is being used. Now when you connect you iPhone to your system then iTunes pops-up displaying the status of your storage disk, as mentioned above in the screenshot you can see a status bar of the storage disk displaying the amount of memory being used by your audio files, video files, images, applications, eBooks and others. Once, by looking at this graph you find out the type of file which is occupying the major part of your phone memory, you can start reading the tip which will help you for that purpose.


Now if you still want a more precise distribution of the memory space allocated in your iPhone as mentioned in the screenshot above, then you need to go to Settings Options, then tap ‘General’ and then ‘Usage’, there you will see the distribution of the memory application by application.

Regular back-up of Images is important.
How do they keep on accumulating so fast??? You must be having Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on your iPhone and all of these major social networking applications include a strong network of photo sharing. Users are habituated to put at-least 2 to 3 images on their network through each of these applications and thus you start using up 20 MB of phone storage daily through your images. Moreover if you have downloaded any wallpaper from any of the application and any image attachment for your mail account or any audio podcast from iTunes then that should also be counted under the IMAGE section of the status bar shown on iTunes.
Make a habit of taking regular backup of those photographs on your system and keep on cleaning your iPhone by removing those old pics at regular interval of time. This will really save huge amount of space on your iPhone.
P.S.: If you are using cloud backup for your images then let me tell you that as soon as your iPhone gets connected to Wi-Fi network it starts to taking backup of your images of iCloud account, so keep on deleting the stuff from iCloud account which has already been backed-up on your system as the free limit is only of 5GB.

Delete watched Videos; else take their backup if they are really important.
Now there are many sources to this thing, one of the most common in downloading video podcasts on your iPhone and other can be video file stored by you, video for sure eat-up lots of space and specially when they are High Definition videos. We keep on adding them from different sources but we forget to delete them. Most of the podcast videos are just for one-time watch so as soon as you watch them delete them then-n-there. There are also many video which have gotten old but still they are at some corner in your iPhone, sit patiently and delete that stuff. Keep a limit in terms of GBs to the space allocated to the videos.
If you do not have Retina display on your Apple device then I will suggest you that not to go for HD videos as you will not be able to observe much between the normal and thee HD videos. The space under the section of bar named ‘videos’ but if you are using certain applications like VLC Player in which you are supposed to upload the videos to that application, then in those cases videos size will be specified in the ‘Others’ Section

Remove unused Applications.
Now this term includes all the games and all the tools which you install on your iPhone. You must have observed that there are many applications on your phone which you would not have opened in months but still they installed on your iPhone. Most of the EA sport High Definition games like FIFA2012, modern combat and other games like these eat up 1GB of space which is really too large. So, try to get rid of such applications on your iPhone which has not been used for a long time or you don’t feel to use that anymore (most of them will include completed games).

Keep an eye on number and the size of Mails.
If you receive large number of mails or most of the time the size of your mails is huge then try to keep less number of mails on your iPhone for the display and delete the heavy mails as soon as you can.

‘Others’ All the uncategorized data fall in here.
If you have uploaded videos into any application or if you have ringtone maker with the help of which you have been creating many ringtones and transferred them to the system but never cared to delete them or if you have an application to download anything from internet like videos or songs but then again after transferring it on your system you forgot to remove it from the application so all the stuff like these are included in ‘Others’.

Apart from all the tips mentioned above, please make sure that you perform them at an interval of every month. Do not wait for all memory to get occupied as then it will consume lots of your time to again empty the space. I have been using these tips for long time and 6 to 8 GB space always remains free on my iPhone 4 (16GB).

P.S.:- If you have ‘Rock’ named application installed on your iPhone, then there are chances that you receive Low Memory Storage message again and again. So, in order to the get rid of that problem, you will have to browse the directories of your iPhone (jailbroken) with any of application like iPhone browser or iPhone Explorer and then go to the this path: /var/mobile/library/RYP/logs, you will find a log file somewhat named as rockapp_<date>.log, you need to delete this file and then restart your phone, you wont see that low storage space warning again. But make sure that you do this regularly if you have this application.

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