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I love watching TV but i hate searching for a program’s schedule when i don’t remember its timing and day. One of the suggested solution is to look into the newspaper but again it is not sure whether your channel will be listed there or not.

In case you have an android device, we have the solution for you. iDubba is a new app on the android market available for free that lets you find TV programs instantly. You can sign up on iDubba and then login with the same ID and password on the app to get benefited with additional features like personalized recommendations, TUNE IN feature, feedback, rating and Reminder.

On the main interface you have four sections Shows Now, Shows 24 HRS, Movies Now and Movies 24 HRS. Under Shows Now you can see the latest shows of the hour.

iDubba TVs New Remote Android

Under Shows 24 HRS you can see the list of all the shows of the very day.

iDubba TVs New Remote Android 3

In Movies Now you can take a look at the movies being showcased as well as the ones about to begin.

iDubba TVs New Remote Android 1

Movies 24 HRS section lists all the movies of the day.

iDubba TVs New Remote Android 2

To access additional features you can press the Menu key. Here you will have Filters, Search, Settings and Browse Channels features.

iDubba TVs New Remote Android 4

To make your list very specific you can apply filters according to categories from the Filter section.

iDubba TVs New Remote Android 5

To search a program if you remember the name, navigate to Search and then type in the letters and hit search.

iDubba TVs New Remote Android 6

To browse through programs of a specific channel, go to Browse Channels under by pressing menu key and then select one of your choice.

iDubba TVs New Remote Android 7

To know more about a program tap on it. On the next page(if you are logged in) you can rate the program, set reminder for it and give your own feedback.

iDubba TVs New Remote Android 8

To log out or see all the reminders set by you, press the menu key and navigate to settings.

App Requirements: Compatible with all android devices. Requires android 2.2 or later.

Conclusion: Will do the job of finding your favorite show pretty nicely. Worth a free download.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

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