Install Facebook Home on Any Android Phone

So today we are here to talk about the installation of Facebook Home on the phones which are not available in the compatible list on Facebook Home application, well we have certain clue about it that developers will definitely find their way to avoid this check and use this APK on all the Android phones.


Before proceeding further I must say that this tweak for the installation of Facebook Home will not application on the Xperia phones or any other phone which have Facebook as their pre-installed application because before starting with this tweak you will have to uninstall the Facebook application and if it is attached to your phone at the pre-installed application then you will not be able to uninstall it.


First of all install all the Facebook applications which you have on your phone like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Application or the APK file of Facebook Home which you have tried to install. Once you uninstall all the applications, download these APK files for a patched version of Facebook Application, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Home. The links for all the three are mentioned here.

Facebook Main Applications PATCHED [here]

Facebook Messenger Applications PATCHED [here]

Facebook Home Applications PATCHED [here]

Install these 3 applications in the sequence and then launch the Facebook Main Application, and as soon as you open the Facebook Application you will see the new message for the integration of Facebook Home with your Android skin on your phone.


That’s it, Facebook Home will work on your Android phone (pre-condition: Your mobile phone should have Facebook as the pre-installed application like in the case of Sony Xperia S). Even if you tried to do the same with the phones which have Facebook Applications as the pre-installed apps then you will see the message as described above.

[ Source – Modaco ]

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