Install Facebook Home with Non US Google Play Account and Run It on Not Supported Android Device

Yes, facebook home is now available for 5 phones officially as if now which includes HTC One, HTC First, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Note 2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 yes facebook has really made it difficult right now as firstly anyone as if now with a non US google play store account cannot download Facebook home but yes there is a way around it.


Another limitation is that facebook home will not support your android phone if it is not one the above mention names including some HTC and Samsung android phones, yes it will not even work in sony xperia z as well, but again there is way around to overcome this limitation as well but you will need to have your phone rooted for the same.


Pre Requisites For Installing Facebook On Your Supported or Non Supported Android Phone

You will need to install Facebook app from google play store or need to update from google play store to the latest version available and then you need to install facebook messenger which will also have the chat heads feature which you can also use without facebook home support as well.


Download Facebook Home APK File and Install It on Your Android Phone

Now, facebook home can be downloaded in US Google Play store but if you live outside US, you can download the official APK file which can be used to install facebook home on any android phone, in order to download the file head over this page


Run Facebook Home on Your Non Supported Android Phone [ Root Required ]

To do that, you must root your phone and edit the build.prop file to make the phone identify as a supported model. Initially you will see the error saying facebook home is not supported on your device when you try to run it after installing.


How To Enable Facebook Home and Install It If Your Device Is Supported

Now if you have an android phone which is one of the supported device which can run facebook home, you just need to access the settings in new facebook app


Under settings scroll down to locate Facebook Home to enable it and then it will redirect you to google play store from where you can download facebook home launcher.


As per the initial response from facebook, they said it will increase the number of supported devices as time goes on. With any luck, the company will also increase the roll-out footprint to include more countries. If you.

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