Install Google Maps App on iOS6 Without Jailbreak [Maps+ An Alternative]

Well Apple maps are really a big pain and I honestly want to get rid of them as soon as possible and this is one of the most important reason due to which iOS6 users are desperately waiting for the jailbreak. But with a new application on App Store you will not have to deal with Apple Maps anymore. You can this app as ‘Maps+’.


With the help of this application you can access Google Maps, with more functionality. We have described every one of them in the description mentioned below.

Maps+ review

As soon as you open this application you will Google Map interface and there is you can see a button at the bottom of the screen highlighted at one of the corners. On tapping this button, you will see a list of features, which we enable you to take advantage of all the features possible on Google Maps and even more than that.



You will add a pin on the map and as soon as you reach that point it will start buzzing the alarm, to remind you about the location if you are busy in reading a novel while travelling through train.


This will switch ON the location services and thus will help you to locate your current on Google Maps.


This is a normal feature to create your own markings on the Map


This will help you to find Driving Route, Public Transit route and Walking route to a certain location, as it used to be on Google Maps. It also provides the Bicycle route but then they are restricted to some countries. You can get to see the list of those countries in the description of the application available on App Store.


This will help you to search the locations on Google Map, a very common feature.


This is an important feature which will help you to change the interface of the Map. You can switch to Satellite, Standard, terrain or Hybrid mode. Change the units of the distance and restrict the usage of alarm under a certain battery level.



This feature is pretty similar to the running apps, where in you will be able to track the distance travelled by you under a specified period of time.


This will help you to locate the tweets sent from near to your location.


This application lots of features and helps the users to access Google Maps on their iOS6, which is a lot to give for free. As for now this application is a life saver and I will recommend all the users to go for this application.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link


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