Instantly Force Kill All Running Apps On iPhone With Kill Background

It has been a while since Apple introduced multi tasking feature in all of its devices. The feature is simply amazing but along with the ability to use several apps at once, the problem of the phone getting slower due to the same apps running in background, is a big problem.

This affects the performance of your device and in order to free up memory, users have to long press and then terminate those apps manually which is quite of a tedious job. Finally we have found the solution to this problem for all you idevice owners.

KillBackground is fantastic utility to terminate all the background running applications with a single tap. Once you get the app installed you won’t have to worry about terminating each and every app with your finger tap, instead a small button will do it for you.


Search the word KillBackground on Cydia and install it. Once you are done, the app will ask you to reboot your phone. When the phone restarts, a small button with a skull and crossbones will be added to the task dock which appears when you press the home button twice. By default it will be positioned on the right bottom.


Since it is a Cydia app, you can access its settings from the iPhone settings only. So navigate to settings and look for the app’s name. Open it and you can see a couple of important options.


The first option is for switching the position of the button from right to left.


The second is Always Visible option with which you can choose whether to keep the button visible at all the times or make it visible only when the apps in the wiggle mode, i.e. when you long press the apps until the red minus button appears on them.


The last option is an interesting one which you can enable or disable if you want the iPod music app not to be terminated or to be terminated respectively.

Conclusion: I personally recommend this background task killing app for iDevices as it is simple to use and is frees up memory when you want it urgently.

Our Rating: 5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia To Install KillBackground

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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