[Tip] Hide Contacts on iPad From Others

It happens to almost most of us when we use our iPad in public and may feel like others trying to peek in, this could be really discomfort situation or some times when you see others including your friends using your iPad, at this time you might feel insecure about if they potentially see the private data like contacts on your iPad or iPad when you are away.

In order to get away from this worry, you can follow a simple procedure to hide contacts on your iPhone or iPad.

Make Contacts Invisible on iPad

Open contacts on your iPad and tap on Red Color Label text on the top left corner.

photo 1

Now you can select the Groups of contacts to hide on iPad or else you can hide all contacts by tapping on the option for the same.

photo 2

Once you tap on the hide all contacts button, it will stop showing the contacts

photo 3

Now you can press the home button and minimize the app, and this way when any of your friend or any person use your ipad and opens up the contacts app will not see any contacts and by following the above procedure in reverse way you can unhide and show the contacts any time you want to.


This is how you can protect your contacts stored on your iPad and better protect your privacy. If you have a related problem orĀ  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

By abhishek

Abhishek Bhatnagar is an apple engineer at heart and an apple products user since the first iPhone, he posses a Engineer degree and loves to review Apple products ans iOS apps.

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