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Get iOS 7 Style Control Centre On Your Android Smartphone

iOS 7 is coming this fall. iPhone 4 onwards are going to get this update. The update changes everything on the iPhone. Icons, User Interface, Mails, Browsers everything has got a make over like never before. Among all those updates, one of the much talked about updates was the iOS 7 control centre.

Control Centre in the iOS is the place where you can get your phone setting and access to some core apps like camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. You will have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get control centre.

Android (4.0 onwards) had the similar feature way before iOS 7 introduced but it differed in terms of design and accessibility. If you are looking something that does exactly the same thing on your Android phone like Control Centre, an app titled “Control Centre” is available for you to download from Google Play Store.


As the name might suggest “Control Centre” is the hub of all the basic toggle settings, Music shortcuts, phone information, and other additional apps like flashlight, calculator, stop watch etc.

The basic toggle settings include flight mode, sound mode, data connection, screen-out duration, bluetooth etc. With a tap you can enable or disable apps. You also have an option to play music from the control centre itself without opening the music app. Though as in current version you don’t have to ability to choose between the music files but you can definitely forward or backward your playlist.


The best utility of Control Centre is that it has a built in flash-light. When you toggle it, your flash light (if your phone has) will start working as light torch hence removing the need of an additional app for it. You can also add other application shortcuts for quick access.

To add the application shortcut, swipe left the row containing flashlight and other settings. Tap the plus icon an there you have to option to add the other apps of your choice for quick access. Although there are only four available slots for external apps but that should be enough.


Control Centre for the Android is one of those apps which saves your time by providing you the quick access to applications and settings. The strong point lies in using the application which is dead simple. My thumbs up to this app for the ease of its usage and its usefulness when i really wanted to access something really quick.

Download Control Centre | Google Play

By Kamal Nayan

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