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iOS Like Assistive Touch Feature For Android Phones And Tablets

In the recent times, Android has proven itself as the most superior mobile operating system and we can’t deny this very fact as majority of the iOS features are now available for Android that too without any special methods which obviously includes rooting.

But there were still some features found to be exclusive enough to the iOS and one of them is Assistive Touch. In simple terms, this feature puts a small floating button on the screen of your Apple device, tapping on which brings up plenty of useful toggles. The best part is that with the help of Assistive Touch one can use his or her Apple device even if the physical home key is broken or has malfunctioned.

People believed that such a feature would never come to Android but interestingly it has finally arrived. Floating Toucher is an amazing application that places a floating button on your device’s screen that completely imitates iOS’ Assistive Touch.

How To Use Floating Toucher

Step 1: Open Google Play store and download Floating Toucher.

Step 2: Now launch the application and you will see a settings page with three tabs at the top, along with a settings button at the top right corner.

Step 3: You should now personalize the app as per your choice. From the Panel’s tab you can choose the color and adjust the opacity using the Alpha slider. Under the Point tab you can select the look of the floating button along with its size and opacity.


Step 4: Once you are done with that, tap open the Settings page and enable Floating Toucher using the very first toggle. I chose Captain America’s shield as the button which you can see in the second image below.


Now this very button added to the home screen is capable of doing a lot many things. You can lock the screen, use the on-screen home button, toggle wifi, data, airplane mode, brightness, lock orientation and much more. The Toucher also comes with an inbuilt task killer to free up ram.



The app works flawlessly on most of the devices, and does not drain your battery. On top of that what’ is even more appealing is that the price is free. So I would definitely suggest you download and try this app.

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