iPad Like Touch Fingers Gestures on iPhone Using Zephyr

Apple iOS’ multitasking is simply brilliant but it still lacks a couple of features which Apple should have added. Tweaks on Cydia have always amazed us and a new addition called as Zephyr, it provides iPad Like Touch Fingers Gestures on iPhone takes the multitasking functionality even beyond the limits that Apple has set. What is so brilliant about the tweak is that one does not need to open the app switcher to access an opened app instead with the swipe of your finger you can immediately switch to other running applications.

Now the latest version of Zephyr, which was recently uploaded, gets another very interesting feature where you can close an application just by swiping your finger from bottom edge towards the top, just like you close the notification center in iOS 5. To download the app go to Cydia search and type in Zephyr.

iPad Like Touch Fingers Gestures on iPhone

Once it has been installed and you respring the springboard, go to stock settings app and look for Zephyr.


The settings under Zephyr is divided into two sections, Swipe from Left and Right and Swipe Up from bottom. You can enable the tweak if it is not enabled by default.


Under the Number of fingers section, you can select the number of fingers you wish to use to while using the swipe action. This way you can avoid assigning same activation methods in case you have any other tweak enabled that uses single finger right to left or left to right swipe.


Disable in Applications, which is the next feature is really helpful when you do not wish to activate the swipe multitasking for specific applications. For example if you enable this feature for Cydia, then while using the same left to right or vice versa and swipe up from bottom gestures will not work.


Similarly you can configure the Swipe Up from Bottom section as well.

There are not many similar apps that have the same level of functionality as Zephyr but a tweak called as Magic Fingers(on Cydia) lets you close applications using swipe gestures.

Zephyr Cydia Tweak Video Demo

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Conclusion: Brilliant tweak but sometimes instead of moving across the screen horizontally,in an app, the swipe action kicks in and switches to another app. But overall a wonderful effort.

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia Store To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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