[Solved] Fix iPhone Does Not Play Some Videos

Many of the user have reported that they cannot play some videos on their, rather in that space they see a small blue box icon on their iPhone or iPad and almost all of them blame Apple for that as they think that these videos have been blocked by Apple for some purpose. There are many reasons due to which you are not able to watch that video and in this post we will discuss all those reasons. Please go through all the points mentioned below:-


Adobe Flash Player not supported

One of the reasons is the incompatibility of flash player with Apple devices, now a days most of the video service based websites like Dailymotion, Metacafe or YouTube use HTML5 to broadcast their videos online, but there might few videos which still use flash player to be played and you should know that Apple does not allow users to install Adobe flash-player on their device, this is due to the reason that flash player has large number of vulnerabilities which are used by hackers to hack any system which uses flash player. So for the security reasons of their users, Apple does not allow the installation of flash players on iPhone or iPad.

Format not supported

Other reason may be the different format of the video being displayed on the video as you know Apple support very selective formats of videos, but still it is a very rare problem as now a days there will be few videos which cannot be played online due to this problem, but then the website will clearly state a message that this video cannot be played on this device.

Regional Restrictions

Another reason can be the region restrictions, sometime videos are restricted up-to a certain region, I have seen many times YouTube stating that this video cannot be played in your region and this has nothing to do with iPhone or Apple.

Screen optimization not compatible with iPhone

Some videos may not be seen when their video display size is not optimized with your iPhone screen size.

Videos restricted by their owners.

Most of the times, owner of the video do not allow it to be viewed on the mobile devices, they put a restriction due to which it will never run on any of the mobile phone.

Videos which are preceded by advertisements

There are also certain videos which show advertisement before being played, you cannot see those videos also on your mobile phones. So, these problems mentioned above are not only for iPhone but all mobile phones together.

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