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[Solved] iPhone Does Not Boot Up or Turn On

Lately one of my friends happen to face a very troublesome situation where the screen of his iphone went black. He tried pressing all the buttons a couple of times and even charged it for while but he was unlucky. I asked him a couple of times what according to him the possible reason for this problem could be but unfortunately the reason was unknown. So I was left with a device that will not turn on and I had to troubleshoot it using a couple of methods I know.

Assuming that many of you have already faced this problem or could face this problem in the near future I will share all those methods with you so that instead of panicking, you actually help yourself and bring the device to life.

1. Charging iPhone For A While

Sometimes the battery of your iPhone discharges to such low levels that it does not boot up immediately and rather takes  couple of minutes. So before you jump the gun and say that my iPhone is dead, you should charge it for at least 15 to 20 minutes and if it does not boot even after 20 minutes then you should try method number 2 which we are going to discuss below.

2. Performing A Hard Reset On iPhone

If the first method of charging your iphone does not act in your favour, you should probably try hard resetting your iPhone. Don’t worry as you will not lose any data and interestingly a majority of similar problems can be resolved by this method. What you are supposed to do is hold the SLEEP(POWER) and HOME button simultaneously for 6 to 7 seconds. Hold both the buttons simultaneously and count till 7 and then release both the buttons and try powering on the device using the power button.

If this does not work, instead of counting till 7 just keep holding both the buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds to 1 minute and and probably the Apple logo should appear on the screen. In the worst of the cases you will end up with no luck and then you are only left with one solution, restoring your iPhone using iTunes.

3. Restoring iPhone To Stock State

In case none of two methods mentioned above work for you, I am afraid all you can do now is restore your iPhone to stock state using iTunes. Try plugging in your device to the computer and see if iTunes recognizes it or not. If it doesn’t , you will to put your device into DFU mode which is pretty convenient provided you are using programs like iREB and Snowbreeze developed by ih8n0w.

If you are using iREB, all you have to do it run the program as administrator(Windows only), select your device and follow the onscreen instructions.

DFU Pwner

Putting your device into DFU mode could be inconvenient at times as many users are not able to be as precise in timing as the onscreen instructions want you to be and after several tries, you would still not be able to put your device into DFU mode. For such people I have a small trick where you have to press the SLEEP and HOME buttons simultaneously for 7 seconds(as you did while hard resetting) and then immediately release the SLEEP button and keep holding HOME button for the next half a minute. The trick could be helpful but I would still advice you to use iREB or Snowbreeze.

In the end if none of the above methods, you can declare your device dead and should visit the nearest Apple Store to get your device replaced.

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