Change Who Can See or Comment on Facebook Status Update on iPhone

For all the iPhone users who love to tweet on Twitter or update their status on Facebook have some restrictions. For Example, if you want to see the trends on the twitter to tweet about then you will have to open the application and then tweet about it, similarly if you wish to tag any of your friend or a page then you cannot do that by the shortcut widget available in the notification center, you will have to go to the application to do the same. But recently I observed a change in the features of the widget for Facebook, which was not available before.

Now while updating a Status via that notification center widget you can manage the group of users to which it will be displayed. I know this is very much familiar when you are doing that on your desktop or using the Facebook application for iPhone, but in this post we will mention about the way in which you can do that while posting anything from the widget. Take a look at the steps mentioned below.

Tap the button named ‘Tap to Post’ on the notification center.


A windows will appear wherein you can enter the text and then on the right hand side bottom corner of that window, you will see the group of the audience selected by default to see you status update. Tap it.


You can see all the groups created by your for the friends in your account, tap on any one of them you want to.


That’s it the group has been selected and made as default now every time you will post an update it will go for the same audience unless you follow the same steps and then change the group. I hope you will like this feature being pointed out by us. Please let us know if there is something added to the widget section. We expect to see some more features as available to the Facebook user in that widget section in the next iOS update.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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