iPhone, iPad Photo, Video WiFi Transfer To PC Or Vice Versa

There are times when you may want to copy camera photos from iphone, ipad but without wires connected in between apple iphone, ipad. So actually the another way it could happen is through wifi when both your ipad, iphone and computer are connected to the same wifi network so that you can do iPhone, iPad Photo Video WiFi Transfer To PC

There are large number of apps which could help you do this, but we are going to highlight the best of them and the ones which are free, as well as paid ones which are the best for this. Now when you want to transfer the photos you will need to make sure that both the computer and iphone, ipad should be connected to the same wifi network.

Now once you make sure that they both are connected you will need to run the app on iphone, ipad and then you will need to install the free called Wi-Fi Photo Transfer. It makes this task really simple to copy or download camera roll photos from iphone, ipad.

They procedure to transfer or download photos from apple devices to your windows computer, mac or linux computer is really easy. As you first need to run the app on your phone where it will tell you the path which you need to open in the browser to copy the iphone, ipad pictures as shown in the image below.

iPhone, iPad Photo Video WiFi Transfer To PC

Now you should go type the address in the location bar of the internet browser you are using, and it will take you to the desired page from where you could transfer all the photos from your apple idevice.

iphone photo copy to computer 

Note: Make sure that all the time while you do the transfer or copy of photos this app should keep running on your iphone or ipad.

In my case I opened browser and enter the address shown on my iPhone’s screen, in my case “”. You can download all photos in a photo album as a .zip file as shown in a image below.

download iphone photos as zip file 

Once you click on download as zip file button you will see checkboxes below every photo which allows you to select multiple photo and then download them as zip file. Another interesting thing when you copy a single photo is that you either download the photo in full size or large, medium or small size as shown in the image below.

iphone photo copy through wifi

If you are looking for some cydia apps to do the same, then tweaks like iPhoto, jailbreak tweaks, and camera images to download, save photos to our computer but none of these methods are as quick, as painless, or as wireless as Wi-Fi Photo Transfer.

Another iTunes app which has got many good rating is called Photo Transfer App which comes for $2.99 It allows the transfer of photo from iphone, ipad to computer and pictures from computer to iphone, ipad. It lets you transfer photos over WiFi, no cables or extra software required. You can also transfer photos from iphone to another iphone or ipad.

Photo Transfer From and To iPhone

You can find out more at this link about this app, read the extensive guide by Apps For iPad here. Some other examples like this app are PhotoSync – which help you make wirelessly transfers your photos and videos. It also transfers to Dropbox, Picasa/Google+, Facebook, SmugMug, Flickr, Box, Zenfolio, (S)FTP, WebDAV and iDisk. You need never use a cable again.

WiFi MediaBox is another useful app which lets you do the photo copy by simply access them from any nearby computer or another iPhone/iPod/iPad using Web Browser without need to install any 3rd party transfer utilities.

wifi mediabox iphone photo copy over wifi

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