iPhone Keyboard For People With Keys Bigger Fingers

Convenience has always been a major concern for smart phone users and there is no other phone except iPhone which understands this and in fact all the apple devices are the best in their segments. If we talk about the keyboard of apple devices in specific, they are no different from any other smart phone’s keyboard, though iOS one is more sensitive and accurate.

But considering the size of the keyboard it is quite average which makes it hard for people with big fingers to type on it. One would intend to type a and instead s will come up and it reoccurs over time. So even if one is in love with an apple device because of its features, he or she may not feel confident with the keyboard.

Now such users need not worry as Big Finger Keyboard has arrived. This application is unique as it contains big buttons instead of the typical small ones. Since apple does not allow replacing the stock keyboard, the keyboard needs to be opened as an app. The concept of this keyboard is that one who is facing problems while typing on the stock keyboard can use this app to type in the text and then copy or cut-paste the same text in the desired space in any other app.

The interface has five buttons on the top, new, save, saved texts, settings and mail. The first buttons opens up a new text page, the second button can be used to save a typed text. As you can se the keyboard has two characters on one button with the first being white while the other red. Taking an example of the first QW button, you can type Q by tapping the button once and to enter W press the button twice. In simple terms the letter in white can be entered by pressing once whereas the red character will come only when you press twice.


The third button on the top opens a list of all the saved texts. This can also be used to save some notes as it would be quick to type through this app.


Under settings you can alter the double click speed and also enable or disable click sounds. The last button on the top is the mail button which can be used directly to open a new email so that you can copy text from Big Finger Keyboard and then paste it in the mail.


Special characters and numbers can be accessed by pressing the eject button at the bottom.


Under landscape view the button positioning changes a bit making it easier to type.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Conclusion: The keyboard is nice and is only productive in case you you are willing to type a couple of paragraphs. For smaller texts one would feel faster enough.

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: $1.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

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