iPhone Microsoft Tag Reader Helps You Decode MS Tag Created With Microsoft Tag Manager

You might have heard about Barcode and QR Code both of these codes store some information like in case of barcode it might some information about a product, and QR code on the other hand can store text, link etc type of information.

There is another type of code which is called Microsoft Tag which is similar to QR Code but it much more detailed as it can store a large amount and different type of information as compared to QR code. Below is a snapshot of how does a MS Tag will looks like 

ms tag

You can easily create a microsoft tag online using Microsoft Tag Manager, you can deliver five different types of Tag content, giving you a variety of ways to engage your audience. You can create the following types of tags shown in the image below.

different types of tags

Before you start creating a MS Tag you will need to login to Microsoft Tag Manager using live or hotmail ID, once you have created a tag you can choose to render or download it to your computer as shown in the image below.

render download ms tag

Now you can select in what size you would like to download the ms tag, it will also show the printing instructions as well for the MS Tag as shown in the image below.

ms tag download 

Now once the tag is downloaded you can print it in any size and then you can scan it using the iphone MS tag reader app as shown in the image below.


Once it decode the tag, which is normally very fast for MS tag reader for iphone, it will show you the information or redirect you the URL if defined, which in my case was my personal website.


You can anytime browse through already decode MS tags in the application itself


It also vibrates iphone when it detects a MS tag, you can turn off this feature if you don’t like it.


MS Tag reader also comes for other mobile phone os platform, you can see the list of devices here as shown in the image below.


To get the reader, point your phone internet browsere to, get the download link via text, or find it in your mobile marketplace.

App Requirements: It Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Conclusion: In all this seems to be great fast ms tag reader app

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit App Store Link To Install RunKeeper

[ This App Comes For Android – Yes – Android Market Link ]

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