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As always Apple comes up with amazing new features with its iOS upgrades and new devices. If you talk about the iPhone 4S or specifically the iOS 5, it comes with as many as 200 new features by comparison with the previous iOS 4.

One of the most advanced and interesting feature of the iOS 5 is Siri. Siri is an intelligent software/assistant which recognizes your voice and words you speak and does what one asks it to do. With Siri you can send messages, schedule meetings, make phone calls, and more.

Very interestingly, the app does not have preset commands that you need to speak out instead your routine way of speaking is enough for this intelligent personal assistant to understand and perform tasks. Now enough with the Siri, what if you have an Android device and want to have an app similar to Siri?

Although there are no apps as intelligent as Siri but the closest one, for android, is known as Voice Actions or Jeannie. The app comes in both paid and free versions with their names as Voice Actions Plus and Jeannie respectively. To download the app search Jeannie on Android Market. On running the app a blue mic appears on the screen ensuring that the app has been launched.

Voice Actions Android Siri Alternative 6

Now when it turns green you can start giving commands to it and it will do the same hopefully.

Voice Actions Android Siri Alternative

Some of the examples:

* call James at home
* text Maria that I love her
* news about Barack Obama
* set alarm clock:
* wake up monday at 8am

ask for the distance to the moon,
the capital of brazil
… and other simple facts!

* play music by bach
* launch browser
* open favorites,recent contacts
* search ebay, amazon, wolfram, etc.
* where is berlin center
* enable bluetooth

Say something and ask for it later!
I read poems to you,
ask for a quote about love, …

* translate I love you in spanish
* email john … I liked your song
* what sound does an elephant make
* install adobe reader

Call her Gini, Djini, Jeanie, whatever you like.
She will accept the nickname that you give her.

Get more Voice Actions for your phone:
* make a video
* navigate to Alaska
* contact john doe
* remind me to pick up Joe in 30 minutes
* video of snoring cats
* get me a pizza
* record audio

* image of the sunset
* define luck
* spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
* horoscope for pisces
* play a game (test)
* reads incoming SMS
* say ‘speak faster, louder, chinese’
(SVOX recommended)

* close this application
* previous, next
or just use your fingers to swipe
and some undocumented magic

Press the menu key and the preferences are opened.

Voice Actions Android Siri Alternative 1

Unlike Siri which adapts to only a limited number of languages, Jeannie features more than enough languages.

Voice Actions Android Siri Alternative 5

You can enable Safe Search which for filtering offensive content. Under Bot name, you can give the assistant a name.

Voice Actions Android Siri Alternative 2

Under Your Name you can type in your name but i recommend you to interact with Jeannie and make it understand your name. It will call you by the name you enter.

Voice Actions Android Siri Alternative 3

A shake to wake feature is there to activate Jeannie by shaking the device.

Voice Actions Android Siri Alternative 4

App Requirements: Compatible with all android devices. Requires android 2.1 or later.

Conclusion: Brilliant Assistant. The best one so far for android. Upgrade to full version for faster service.

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For iPhone – Yes, iOS 5 Users Already Have Siri, For Lower Version Download Voice Actions Here ]

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