iPhone Upload Photos Directly to a Folder in DropBox

Dropbox is most commonly used cloud based application on iPhone, because of the ease with which the images gets uploaded automatically and gets synced with the application version installed on your desktop. Moreover it is secure, because it has a separate passcode arrangement so, even if your friend known the passcode of your phone, he or she will not be able to open this application.

Now when this application has been recently updated, it has got a new feature where you can upload any image from your Camera Roll to a specific folder in DropBox. UI of the application has also been changed and most of it looks like the new UI of the Google Applications (which is decent). First of all reach out to the location where you want to upload the image.


Then tap the ‘+’ sign, you will get 2 options, one of them can create a new folder and the other one will take you to the camera roll from where you can browse the image.

Let me tell you that in case of iPhones you can only upload images or videos from your camera roll in the DropBox application, no other files like any document or any audio file will be uploaded. So you can create a folder like this.

Or you can click the option to go the browse images section. Just select the images and then tap Upload. Images will be uploaded to that section.


This feature is good but it doesn’t make much of a difference in using the application. Initially the process of doing so was 1 step more but that was also sober. Deleting the application is also very easy now, as you can delete them easily in lump. The overall changes is in the appearance and not much has been with functionalities.

By Abhinav Singh

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