iVoice Reminder Provides Location Based Voice Alerts Reminder For iPhone, iPad

Its been some time I was looking for location based voice alerts reminder app for iphone, the default reminder app is good but it does not allow you to set the radius or range of kilometer or miles to that the reminder get active once you are close to that location, also it does not speak out a voice alert when reminder message pops up.

location based voice reminder

iOS 5 reminders is one of the great feature which I enjoy in my iphone after upgrading to ios 5 is reminders, as normally I forget a lot of things so I normally make a to do list with the new reminder app which comes in ios 5, as this default reminder app in ios5 so I decided to find some alternate solution for this problem. 

After some searching I found this great app for iphone, which allows you to add voice or audio alert clubbed with the location based reminders, this way for me atleast this app completes the entire picture of iphone reminders, may be apple in future versions of default reminder app will add the voice alert as well.

iVoice-Reminder which basically let us create voice and text reminders based on our geographical position with defined radius and title as shown in the image below.


After adding a reminder you can use to multiple times by turning it status off or on as you see in the image above. As if the status is on the it will remind you every time when you are near by that location for which you set the reminder.

Below is the screen capture where you can record audio note with a reminder which gets played when you location reminder pops up as shown in the image below.


Each reminder consists of a title , location which you can search on google maps, the near by alarming radius in miles or in kilometer, a voice tag and description which is optional.


Here is how you can easily search for any location without visiting the same and mark the reminder there.


On the home screen of this app you will see the list of reminders added as shown in the image below, if you see the green dot with that reminder that means that reminder is on.


The video below will help you understand how this app actually works.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Conclusion: I love this app as I have used it on iPhone, the only negative would be some lag in finding the location on google maps interface inside the app.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit App Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android –No ]

If you are looking for some other voice reminder app which may or may not be location based for yoru iphone then you can try out VoCal, Voice Reminding or Voice Secretary

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