Jailbreak Only: Launch Siri On iPhone 4S Without Touching Home Button

You might know that with the release of this new version of iPhone, i.e. iPhone 4S has a differentiating feature named ‘Siri’. Siri lets the user to control the functionalities of the phone over the voice commands, but then if you want to activate it then you will have to hold the button for a while and then Siri gets activated to accept your voice command. But recently a tweak has been released over Cydia which can help you to activate Siri, without pressing the Home button of your iPhone or I should say that the tweak will help you to activate Siri by just saying its name.


You can buy this tweak from Cydia at $2.99 but then you must note while using this application your battery will start draining faster as this application will always be active to catch the keyword ‘Siri’ spoken by the user. Once the user says this keyword, Siri will be activated and then Siri will await your commands. The best part is that this tweak is compatible with your headphones and other Bluetooth headsets.

Moreover, if you wish to personalize this application by changing the name of the key from ‘Siri’ to ‘iPhone’ (or any other name), if you wish to make Siri more sensitive to your voice so that it should listen carefully every word you say, if you do not want this tweak to be ON all the time like you might want this tweak to shut down automatically while you are asleep at night, then you can use the setting section of the tweak to change the name of the keyword, sensitivity to listen it and deciding the hours of operation for this tweak. If you are using SBSettings then you will also see a button over their window to switch on and off this tweak on your phone.

Activate Siri with “Hands Free”

Please refer to the video mentioned above, it will help you to understand that how exactly this tweak will work. Please let us know if have any doubt related to this tweak, just keep in mind that this tweak will surely affect the battery time of the phone as once installed this tweak will be running continuously in the background to catch your keyword. You can call this tweak as ‘Hands Free Control’ for Siri.

By Abhinav Singh

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