Keep Wi-Fi Running While Your Phone Is In Sleep[Jailbreak Needed]

Since the introduction of the iPhone one thing that I really hate is when i am downloading a big app and it gets interrupted just because my phones goes to sleep mode. It completely annoys me and and i am sure it must be a problem for many other iPhone users as well.

Apple then came with a partial solution to this problem where it introduced the persistent Wi-Fi feature which did not let wi-fi to get disconnected after your phone sleeps. Later it was changed due to the fact that it consumed the battery continuously and now one can simply keep his or her device connected to a power source to keep Wi-fi running even when the phone is in sleep mode.

But that would not solve your problem as once cannot always have his or her device connected to a power source. For jailbrokem devices Cydia developers have a solution to this problem in the form of a small tweak called as Insomnia. This tweak, when enabled, enables persistent wi-fi even if your device goes to sleep.

To download the same go to Cydia search and enter Insomnia. After installing it restart your springboard.


Once you respring a small icon will be added to your home screen.


Open Insomnia and you will see a toggle button to enable it. Once you switch it on, it will not let the Wi-fi disconnect or any app stop after the phone goes to sleep.


Now you can exit the app and relax and let your device finish its online work. To ensure whether Insomnia is running or not, look at the top right corner and you will see a small icon in the status bar.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Conclusion: Atleast now you would not have to worry about your downloads. Install it today.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia To Install This App

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