KFC WOW25 Menu App for Android, iOS Give Chance To Win 500 INR or iPad

There is always a huge fight in the menu of McDonalds and KFC and we all know that McDonalds is pretty cheap when compared with the menu of KFC and this thing attracts most of the customers to McDonalds but recently they released their WOW25 Menu which enlisted all the cheapest eatables available on their menu. Advertising and marketing the same, Blink Solution has made an iPhone and Android application for KFC in order to promote the WOW menu.


In this application you can enter a quiz of 25 seconds and then questions will be related to the WOW Menu of KFC, the lucky participant answering maximum number of questions correct will be awarded a gift voucher of 500 INR.


All the users who do have any of the platforms of Android or iOS can go for using some of the features from, as an attracting in this app is the scanning of your currency note. You will just have to put the currency note (the type and the value of note in mentioned below in the screenshot) and then fold your cam for a while, the app will show you the whole platter or the combo of the meal in the 3D view which can be bought under the value of that currency.


You can put any currency note between the value of Rs 10 to Rs1000 to scan with iPhone, Android or PC Webcam as well. We expected to be the online delivery option in that application as it would have helped to increase the approachability of KFC to the customers. But then it only promotes the cheap WOW25 menu, please let us know if you face any problem while using this application.

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