ATU [App Of the Week] #2 : Line Messenger

One of the things I ever learned since I grew up was not to judge a book by its cover. Same here. Line is not just a messenger like others, but its a communication app which lets you place voice calls and messages free to other Line messenger users if you have data pack activated.


Initially when I learned that it was also a messenger app (like many others) , i was not so eager to try it. But somehow I downloaded it from the Play Store and after verification via SMS as well as Email, i started using it. The first thing which pleasantly surprised me was the fresh and clean user interface. (At least better than which I have used so far.) The app automatically adds your other friends using Line from address book. When you tap a friend in the list, you get option to either place a voice call or message, both of which are free of cost.

Voice Calling and other Features

You won’t be amazed by the free message as it has been common with all the messaging applications available out there. But the real-time voice calls is definitely jaw-dropping (provided your phone has a decent internet speed). A pinch of voice calls we have seen in WeChat as well as in Nimbuzz but the Line’s voice call was perfect in every sense. No glitches and lags.


In terms of settings tweak it provides a plethora of options. From choosing themes (although there are only three available but hey something is better than nothing no?) to setting notification sounds are intuitive. You also can choose the notification type as pop-up notification where instead you will get message in a pop up at the lock screen.


Stickers and Social Networking

Stickers are the new trend in messaging. You will enjoy the plethora of stickers available to use in this applications. At the sticker shop you can find all your favourite characters.


Another new feature is the social networking where you can share moments in the form of photos or videos or even location info. Those will be visible under the Timeline in the profile. There you can leave comments and make it more personal. To post anything (pictures or videos) tap the friends tab then tap your own Contact and then choose Home. There you should get an option to post something.


Personally I loved all the free stuff being provided by the application. Placing free voice calls to other Line users was pretty awesome. The User Interface was fresh and I would recommend trying this app for once and I am sure you will also fall for this like i did.

Line Messenger | Play Store | Free

By Kamal Nayan

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