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List Of Best Keyboard Apps For Android

As we all know there are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your Android, and if we can install different launchers and icons, we can improve our typing experience for sure too. The stock keyboard available on Android is good enough for all applications but even that can be replaced with some better or I should faster keyboards available on the Google Play Store. In this post we will talk about some of the best keyboard apps available.

SwiftKey Keyboard

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To start with we have the SwiftKey which sits at the top of the pack. The layout of the keyboard is attractive and easy to use and features stellar next work prediction. If one is not comfortable typing through words he or she can also type by sliding his or her finger from letter to letter without lifting. Even if you are precise with sliding your fingers from one letter to the other, SwiftKey is capable enough to guess the correct time that you are trying to type. The app also features a split keyboard feature that works only in landscape mode.

Download: Android

TouchPal Keyboard


The next strong contender in the list is TouchPal which offers both tap and slide-to-type functionality. The design is elegant too and comes with some unusual options, such as to switch to a compact T12 keyboard mode where multiple letters are shown on a single key. This is similar to what we used to see on mobile phones made a couple of years ago. The keyboard has the ability to suggest words based on the letters you are typing in. One very interesting feature is Twitter integration, which ones configured, lets you tweet directly from the keyboard by tapping an icon.

Download: Android

Swype Keyboard

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This is keyboard that popularized the swipe to type concept and in spite of new keyboard apps coming to the market, Swype still remains a strong contender. The swipe to type feature works flawlessly on this app and the accuracy is very impressive, with a next word prediction feature. Further Swype has a unique set of gesture based commands and also accepts freehand written text. For tablets this is greatly beneficial as users will be able to choose between the standard keyboard, a split-screen keyboard and even a small floating keyboard.

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Thumb Keyboard


Thumb keyboard is meant for users who are never happy with the default keyboard layout and want something as per their requirements. The keyboard is exceptionally customizable ranging from selecting your themes, to selecting your own backgrounds, changing colors of keyboard elements, setting up custom gestures, and much more. For thumb based typing, one can also switch to a split format that works better on large screen android gadgets.

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A.I.type Keyboard Plus

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A.I.type keyboard is offers most of the features that the aforementioned keyboards do, however, the one feature that sets it apart is Float-n-Split mode. You must have guessed it by now, on large screened devices, the keyboard can be split in to two separate halves, each of which can be moved and resized independently. Secondary key functions are also available, and can be activated via long-presses. Furthermore, it boasts plenty of visual options such as themes, background images, etc.

Download: Android

Similar Applications

Some other noteworthy Android keyboard replacement apps are Smart Keyboard,  SlideIT and Shortcut Keyboard.


All the keyboards mentioned in the post are great and offer more than what you would expect. Being our job, we have mentioned the strong points of each of the keyboards and now it is you to decide which keyboard will suit your needs.

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