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List Of Best Weather Apps For Android and iOS

Many people do not care about the weather but it is a well known fact that the weather fully determines how we spend a particular day. From the dress we are going to wear, to the outdoor events we are going to be present at, all is dependent on the weather on that day. So it becomes important that we keep ourselves updated with the latest weather information and for that, we bring you the five best weather apps available for your Android device.

WeatherBug Elite


WeatherBug Elite is in existence since Android version 1.5 and 1.6, and impressively it is still one of the most loved weather apps. The app comes loaded with all the standard features like hourly and weekly forecasts, and radars. What makes it even more powerful is the app’s widget that provides all the latest info under one roof and at the same time lets you customize the background and text so that it matches perfectly with your device’s default theme.

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ilMeteo Weather

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ilMeteo Weather is the next app on the list. This app is quite useful when you are looking for the international weather as it lets you look up and save locations across the globe. The app comes packed with a dedicated weather widget and a clock widget. Besides the interesting bits, the only downside of this app is that it is not as feature rich as its competitors are.

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Yahoo Weather


This is one of the top three weather apps available for both iOS and Android. Yahoo weather app may not be as complex looking as other apps are, and is rather quite decent in terms of the interface. Recently the app received a comprehensive overhaul and now features a new and slick user interface. Some of the highlights include daily forecasts, maps, wind and pressure, precipitation, and sun and moon phases.

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Go Weather

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The next top app is from a versatile developer team and instead of being an entirely separately, is more of add-on to a popular Android Launcher application. We are talking about GO Weather which comes as a widget for GO Launcher EX android launcher. The app has most of the basic features you would wish for but the area where it really beats others is theming. You get a whole lot of options to theme your widget and make it look as funky as possible. Having said that, the app is not as feature rich as many other competitors are.

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1Weather is the app that stands on top of the weather apps list. The app not only packs all the required feature such as radar, forecasts, weather by the hour, weather fun facts, but also is extremely beautiful interface wise. The widgets of this weather app look brilliant and come in variety including a clock widget, a circle widget and more. The app is free to use but features ads which one can get rid of, by paying a reasonable amount.

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Similar Applications

For users who have already tried the aforementioned apps may try other weather apps such as WeatherPro, AccuWeather, and RadarNow.


All the apps mentioned above provide the needful information as fast as you would require but the question arises which one has the most user friendly and good looking interface, and offers enough features ? The answer to that is 1Weather and Yahoo Weather as they are the best ones out there.

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