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List Of Essential Apps For Writers For Android and iOS

There was a a time when writing was done with the help of paper and pen but in the recent times the scenario has greatly changed. The modern writers are more keen on trying their hands not only scribbling through paper but also on technology. Yes, smartphones, tablets and PC have completely changed the way writers used to write and in the coming times it is only going to evolve. In this post we will talk about some apps that will help modern writers achieve greater productivity levels.


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No, this is not just a note taking app. Evernote is probably the most useful tool for writers as it offers a comprehensive note-taking experience and can be synced between almost any device. There is a variety of data that can be created through Evernote, including text, images, voice recordings, documents and much more.  Further you can also organize notes by notebooks and tags, email notes and even share them with your friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter.

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Springpad is another extremely useful app for writers. Other than the regular tasks like creating to-do lists, taking notes, recording voice reminders etc., the app also allows users to save content from the internet using the integrated web clipper, get useful tips, share your ideas, bookmark webpages and much more. As with Evernote, the data is synced with the servers and can be accessed from almost any device, making it convenient for writers to proceed with their ideas when they have time.

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Moving on from the free apps to one of the best paid apps for writers, we have Drafts. While Evernote and Springpad are used for noting down your ideas, Drafts is complete text editor and creator app. The basic features that a writer would require are easy to use interface, text formatting, word count, ability to change font and theme and instant synchronization. Gladly, Drafts offers the mentioned features and you would definitely like working on it.

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Google Drive

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Evernote can be used to absolutely everything, but what about the non-text items such as photos or scanned documents? This is where Google Drive comes in handy. This cloud storage service offers enough space for writes to store all the non-text documents which could include images from the web, scanned documents, illustrations and more. Another very useful feature of Google Drive app is its scanner that generates excellent images.

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JotterPad X

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We are covering JotterPad X in the last place but that does not affect its importance. Its is a five star rated app on the Google Play store and features a minimalist interface for both casual and creative writers. It’s perfect for writing essay, lyrics, news article, magazine and poems. Some other highlights of JotterPad X include undo, redo, night mode, finding phrase, pop up research (dictionary/thesaurus), auto-save, text styling and Markdown.

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Similar Applications

Although the aforementioned apps are will offer enough features to writers for kickstarting with their new ideas, it is always helpful to add a few more applications that could prove useful for select users. Some similar apps worth considering are WunderList, MindJet, Writer and FreeNote.


This post is not about a particular type of apps and rather covered all the apps that are essential for writers. JotterPad X is definitely a great writing app and so is EverNote and Springpad but the latter ones differ in the sense that they offer rich media to be added along with text. My advice is to use EverNote, Springpad and Google Drive for noting down ideas while JotterPad for creating proper text files.

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