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List Of Free Ebook Reading Applications For Android and iOS

An old saying goes like “Wear that old coat, buy that new book”. Quite true. Reading gives your mind an endless opportunity to dream and imagine. Personally i think, eBook readers are one of those rarest invention that i will not stop admiring even when i turn old.

So if you are a bit like me, (likes reading a lot) you need not to buy an ebook reader to render your needs. Here we bring you list of five great free ebook applications that are available for android as well as iOS devices.



The app Kindle will also remain out first choice for the ebook readers. The app is the proprietary of the internet giant Amazon. The added benefit is, you buy an ebook at Amazon (at lower cost than paperbacks) , and it get syncs across all your devices.

Apart from its availability to android and iOS it is also available as PC and Mac softwares.

Download : Android | iOS



However, our second recommendation is not less packed than the first one. With “pick up right where you left off” by syncing your bookmarks, notes and highlights to all your devices, Kobo lets you also browse over more than 4 million fess as well as affordable titles.

An interesting feature that Kobo is equipped with is “Reading Life”. You can actually track your reading habits such as how long it took to read that particular book. You can also add books from your dropbox account.

Download : Android | iOS



If magazines are your cup of your coffee, you should surely check out Zinio : 5000+ Digital Magazines app. The app which is available for Android as well as iOS platform lets you read new magazine articles without spending a penny.

Zinio also allows you to download magazines to read them offline.

Download : Android | iOS

Wattpad Ebooks


The app is different than the conventional ebook readers mentioned. Wattpad ebooks offers titles that are written by mostly non-professional writers and of course for free.

What is great is you can also write stories and publish them for others to read.

Download : Android | iOS



Nook is one app which we guess you probably wont have heard of. Its integrated “Nook Store” makes purchasing new releases easier enough. Nook offers more than 1 million free ebooks to choose from.

Download : Android | iOS

Other Options

If you are someone kind of nerd, eCarrel might be the app for android that can make you interested in. Or else if you are just looking out for an ebook reader with no other complications, check out Stanza for iOS devices.


So, this was the list of top five ebook reader applications for android and iOS. Certainly there are more than just the count, you can let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.

By Kamal Nayan

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