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List of Google Play Store Alternatives [Android]

When you want new apps for your Android device, the only and only place to look forward to is the Google Play Store app. But there are other alternatives out there in the market too which are worth taking a look at. In this post we will be talking about five best apps that are closest to the Google Play Store in terms of features and application database.

Amazon App Store


Instead of starting off in a random order, we would consider the best Google Play alternative first. Amazon App Store is the best alternative to the Play store as it is neat, user friendly and offers a free app on a daily basis. Another unique feature that only Amazon App Store has is the Test Mode, wherein the app you wish to download can be tested on an emulator before you actually buy it. This avoids unnecessary purchases.

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AppBrain has been in existence for quite some time now and is a solid Google Play alternative. In fact many blogs provide AppBrain download links which clearly tells how popular it is. AppBrain consists of almost all the apps available on the Google Play store and is essentially the latter, but with a different skin. This app store alternative recommends you new apps,and also lets you manage and sync your settings and we really like it.

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If there is an alternative to the Google Play store that is really fun to use and is equally innovative in terms of interface as the original Play store, it is Fetch. It is an extremely competent alternative and the main reason why we like it, is the ability to filter out your search results with an enormous amount of keywords: Meaning you would be able to search using almost any appropriate keyword. You can also narrow down the results by ranking, price, category, etc.

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GO Launcher EX

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The app is essentially a home screen launcher app for Android, but with that comes packed an integrated Go Store featuring plenty of apps. The apps, obviously, are linked to the actual play store but the idea of getting the launcher and Play store alternative in a single app is itself quite interesting. There are various categories to filter your search results and the interface is simple to understand too.

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unnamed (1)

GetJar is one of the strongest contenders in the list when it comes to downloading and trying apps that are less popular. When you download an android app from GetJar you are rewarded with gold coins, which can further be used for in-app purchases. This is an encouraging feature and beneficial for both developers and users. The major downside of this app is that it does not have categories.

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Other Alternatives

Although the aforementioned Play store alternatives are more than enough for all sorts of users, but other apps like AppsFire, F-Droid and Opera Browser (yes it does have an in-built app store) are also worth considering.


Of all the apps listed above, the best that we can pick is Fetch and Amazon App Store and for a change there are really good.

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