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List Of Home Improvement Apps For Android and iOS

When one buys an unfurnished house for your family or yourself, the only and only thing he or she is concerned about is the interior. No matter what advise an interior designer gives to you, in the end it is about you to be satisfied with the look. Now there are people who do not get enough time to sit and design their house themselves, and instead hire a designer straightaway. But there are also a kind which relies more on their own ideas than going with what others say. For such people we are listing five home improvement and design apps that will help you come up with the best designs possible.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas


Houzz is our first pick of the lot as it sports close to a million high resolution photos of interior design for some of the best ideas. You are also allowed to filter through this enormous photos database with categories like style, type of room, and location. After going through all the photos one can create his or her virtual diary of ideas and save them for offline viewing. Further you can share your saved ideas with your contractor.

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My Dream Home Interior Design

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My Dream Home Interior Design features an inspirational design gallery of everyday spaces. The complete gallery consists of only high definition pictures and also supports live wallpapers. New HD interior images are added to the app on a regular basis and they can be shared to your friends and family via Facebook or Twitter.

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Interior Design

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Interior Design claims to offer some of the best decorating inspirations for a lot many things. The app is filled with photos that not only provide inspiration for formal designs, but casual designs too. Whether the need is simple, small space or house interior, modern design, room, house interior or decoration, the app has got  enough photos that will help you find the inspiration you need.

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Interior Design by FreeAndroApp

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Interior Design application is a simple,good and elegant collection of interior design images which come in handy when decorating your home with one of these designs. It includes designs for bathroom,bedroom, kitchen, and living room. There is also an option to mark selected images as favorites and then use them later on.

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Interior Design Gallery


The next interior design app is called Interior Design Gallery. This application is a good collection of interior designs for your bedroom, kitchen, and living room. The collection may not be as huge as what Houzz offers but they are definitely worth taking a look.

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Similar Applications

If you feel the applications listed above are not enough, there are plenty of other alternatives too such as Interior Design, and Interior Design Ideas & Photos. For painting the walls inside of your home you can download BEHR ColorSmart, and if you are putting in a new carpet then the cost of that can be calculated using this calculator.


Though all the aforementioned apps are great in their own way, we pick Houzz as the best interior design app. There is a humongous amount of pictures that one can go through to draw inspiration and we liked the design too.

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