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List Of On-The-Go-Shopping Apps For Android and iOS

Shopping is something that humans have been doing since ages, and in the 21st century it has only become more convenient. Convenience, not because of the introduction of new and trustworthy ecommerce websites, but because of the fact that now one can shop anything at any time through your iPhone and Android smartphone. In this post we will list the top 5 shopping apps for your iPhone and Android device.



To start with the list, we have one of the most popular websites, eBay. The app is around for quite some time now and lets you manage purchases and inventory straight from your Android and Apple device. The interface is well optimized for mobile screens and offers the same experience as on the desktop version of the website. Using the app you can buy, bid, or make offers, and also track shipments. Also you will be able to save your searches, compare items and leave feedback.

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The next big contender in the shopping app list is Amazon. The official app has been recently received major UI updates and looks neater now. Shoppers can scan barcodes, search using snaps, compare prices, check availability, track orders and much more. Users can browser by department to narrow down searches, and are also offered with daily Lightning Deals.

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Craiglist Android and iOS app allows users to search and post ads as immediately as they would from the desktop version of the website. Users can preview posts, share posts with friends, or contact the poster of the ad via email using the app. The design is simple and easy to understand and will not disappoint you.

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If you are always looking for good deals and hardly go for a product that is not offered at a discounted price, then Groupon is the best app for you. The app offers unbeatable deals with discounts ranging between 50 % and 90 %. There are many categories such as dining, spas, fitness, and also you will get to know about deals in your locality. The deals can be shared with friends and family.

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Users who like to get deals on spas, gyms, and more, should consider LivingSocial too. They offer discounts ranging between 50% to 90 % which is one of the highlights and there is also an interesting feature wherein if you buy a deal and you get three of your friends to buy the same deal, your deal becomes free.

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Other Alternatives

Some other noteworthy shopping apps are Etsy, RetailMeNot, and The Coupons App. Walgreens App is another decent alternative.


People are always looking at buying products and do not care about deals should definitely try eBay, whereas if you are a deals-lover, go ahead with Groupon.

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