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List Of Top Floating Apps For Hardcore Multitasking On Android

The best part about Android OS, apart from its enormous file ecosystem, is the ability to multitask with apps. But at the same time multitasking can only be performed in the background and true desktop style multitasking is not what we have been seeing on Android. Having said that, there are a couple of good apps that can let you perform true multitasking with on your Android phone or tablet as they float on top of everything else on your screen.

Floating Browser

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Lets start with the first app which we think is quite useful. Browsing that something we all do all the time, whether we are using our desktop or our Android device. Floating Browser is a fully featured browser but its floating ability makes it extremely handy. It can float over any other currently running apps without affecting the these apps running in the background. It is resizable and fully supports tabbed browsing and bookmarking.

Download: Floating Browser For Android



GPlayer as the name suggests, is a player but what sort? GPlayer is capable of playing videos in a floating window over other opened application. It is easily resizable and offers a handful of customizations for all types of users. It comes in handy especially when you are watching a movie and at the same talking about the same with your friends or family on an instant messenger or any of the social networking websites. The app comes with a built in file explorer so that you can browse to the videos you added and play them.

Download: GPlayer Video Player For Android

Tiny Apps

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Unlike the aforementioned apps that are serve just one purpose, Tiny Apps is a group of floating apps that can be used on top of other apps. It comes in two versions: Lite and Paid. The Lite version offers five apps: Notes, Sound Recorder, Paint, a Music Player, and a Calculator, while the paid one offers a floating browser and the ability to make any widget you have installed a floating app. This is very interesting as you can convert any regular widget into a floating one which makes it super convenient to multitask.

Download: Tiny Apps For Android (Lite)

Floating Notifications


Facebook has added a new feature to their app, called Chat Heads which offer you the ability to text and message people via a floating ‘head’ on your screen. This is an extremely cool feature as you do not have to leave what you are doing and reply or read messages right then and there. If you are looking for a more powerful version of Facebook’s Chat Heads, you can install Floating Notifications that offers notifications for almost everything and also can be customized with tons of options. It comes with several themes too.

Download: Floating Notifications For Android (Trial)



LilyPad is a great app for Android tablets. It sets up a floating interface for using several instant messaging services to chat with friends and family and saves you from the pain of switching back and forth. The app is extremely intuitive and and features gestures to minimize and hide specific chat windows. Free version of the app only supports Google Hangouts, but the paid version supports Facebook Messenger, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Jabber.

Download: LilyPad For Android


These are only five floating apps that we think would enhance your Android experience and would let you exploit this powerful OS. Beside these there are many other apps too, so we would suggest that you do try out the ones we mentioned above and let us know how helpful or painful they have been.

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