Lock And Mute iPhone By Simply Placing It Screen Display Down [Jailbreak Needed]

In our journey to find simple yet useful tweaks on Cydia for your jailbroken apple device we have come across another milestone. Flipover, an app available for free on Cydia is an alternative to lock your device and put it on silent mode.

You must be wondering that again, like other apps, you will have to tap somewhere on the screen or activate the app whenever you have to enable the feature. But interestingly the app does not have any such activation method and it becomes active when you place your iPhone face down.

Oh yes its true. With this app you would not have to use the physical button to mute the device or press the power button to lock it. To perform any of the above action, just put it on a surface with its face down and with the help of proximity sensor it will do as advertised.

Search for Flipover on Cydia and download it.


After installing it, navigate to stock iphone settings and look for Flipover.


Open FlipOver and configure it as you like. Here you can enable both Lock and Mute actions when placed face down. Automatic unlock can also be set here, with which the app will automatically unlock when lifted.


You can also set the Sensitivity to Low, Medium, High and Very high which means how flat the device needs to be to get locked or muted. Also you can change the refresh rate where the app check for its position whether its facing down or not, for the set number of times a second.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Conclusion: Nice tweak and works well. Only problem is there should be be any physical covers on, as it would let the app to not function currently.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia To Install This App

Please Let Us Know If You Cannot Find It For Free On Cydia

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